Amplifying stories of resilience

Struck with climate adversities. But in every dawn, Bangladesh redefines strength.

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In the sparsest corners, hope blossoms. Our toolkits, crafted to share these resilient narratives, are tailored for a diverse yet specific audience. Climate action belongs to all, and we have a toolkit for every voice.

Uthal Pathal

Documentary Film

Stories of Change

Documentary Film

Climate Atlas


A team fighting for climate-justice

Struck by the glaring representation gap of Bangladesh at COP27, Bashar teamed up with Rifat, who was deeply moved by the resilience in the face of the 2022 floods. Together, they're on a mission to amplify these stories of resilience, advocating for rightful representation of frontline communities in the climate crisis narrative.

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Hoping for climate action

Aware of the forces behind climate adversities, we focus on empowering the vulnerable and driving action for those responsible, fostering hope for a resilient future.

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Making it all happen

Behind every story of resilience and every stride towards climate justice, there's a dedicated team turning vision into reality. Meet the changemakers driving 'Stories of Change'