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Frequently asked questions

Your questions, answered


Is stories of change an organisation?

No, Stories of Change is a project initiated by passionate youths in Bangladesh dedicated to addressing climate justice. It's a collaborative effort driven by commitment, not an official organization.


Who are the people working at stories of change?

Our team primarily consists of volunteers passionate about driving change. They bring diverse skills and dedication to our mission. Interested in joining? Use our contact form to share how you can contribute and your availability.


What is the Climate Atlas

The Climate Atlas is an interactive tool designed for academics, activists, and policymakers. It allows users to access and correlate climate stories with the impacts of climate change, supporting informed decision-making and advocacy.


What is the Documentary About?

Our documentary is a journey of hope, capturing the resilience of marginalized communities in Bangladesh. It explores how, despite their vulnerability, these communities uphold hope as their pillar of strength.


What was the process for the project?

The project involved extensive travel, scouting, and filming across Bangladesh over three months, unearthing and documenting compelling stories of resilience.


Why is this project important?

This project aims to amplify voices from the frontlines of climate change, fostering understanding and sparking action. It's about bringing the reality of climate impacts and the resilience of communities to the global forefront.


Why is COP28 so important for this project?

COP28 represents a global stage for crucial climate negotiations with world leaders present. Unveiling our project here is strategic for driving impactful climate action and raising global awareness.


Is the project funded?

Yes, we are fortunate to have received funding and support in various forms from numerous supporters, enabling us to bring this project to life.


How can I help?

Your support can take many forms – from volunteering your time to sharing our message. For specific ways to contribute, please reach out through our contact form.


What is the future of this project?

While the core team may not engage long-term, parts of the project, like the Climate Atlas, will be maintained and updated by capable partners for sustainable impact.