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A journey towards climate action

Embarking on a bold mission, 'Stories of Change' dives into the climate crisis's heart. Our journey is a crusade for truth, unearthing the raw narratives of those on the frontlines and catapulting their voices onto the world stage for tangible change.

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The story behind

Begun with a stark realization at COP27 and deepened by witnessing Sylhet's floods, 'Stories of Change' is our response to the unvoiced challenges and resilience in the climate crisis.


As the new year dawned, so did the planning phase of our ambitious project. Our goal was clear: traverse Bangladesh, immerse ourselves in the lives affected by climate change, and bring to light the stories of resilience and struggle. This mission took us across diverse landscapes, capturing the essence of endurance and hope in the face of environmental adversities.


In the bustling corridors of COP27 at Sharm Al Shaek, Bashar confronted an unsettling reality – the stark underrepresentation of Bangladesh. Simultaneously, Rifat experienced the harsh truths of climate impact, witnessing the devastating floods in Sylhet. Their paths crossed, intertwining two perspectives: the global disconnect and the silenced voices of the marginalized. This convergence sparked the inception of 'Stories of Change.


Amplifying stories of resilience

Championing the untold tales of strength, 'Stories of Change' shines a light on the resilience of communities battling the climate crisis, transforming adversity into hope


Climate justice for the Global South

Advocating for equity in the face of climate adversity, our vision is to achieve climate justice for the Global South, ensuring that these most impacted yet least responsible regions are empowered and heard in the global climate dialogue